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Ducted heating is a luxury and one of the most cost-efficient ways that can make even the coldest months, easy to get through. With temperatures touching real low in Melbourne, on most frosty and chilled mornings, it is a blessing to turn on your heater and warm your home even before you get out of your bed. Modern ducted heating service in Melbourne is far more efficient than older models giving a pleasant and a much more consistent temperature.

Ducted heating is one of the most efficient and cheapest options available. The ducted heating installation in Melbourne can be a little expensive, but once it is installed, it offers great versatility to your house.

How A Ducted Heating System Works?

A central heating unit is used by the ducted heating, which produces air at high temperature. This air is then pumped through ducts which are insulated heavily. These ducts are present in the ceiling or under the roof and are connected to vents that are situated in different areas of the house.

The majority of these systems allow the controlling of heat distribution throughout the house with the help of dampers. Basically, dampers are the mechanics that aids in blocking heating ducts, thereby preventing the hot air from flowing to certain areas of the house.

Installation requirements

Usually, the location of the ducted heating installation in Melbourne is near the house’s centre, generally on the roof, thereby preventing too much noise inside the house. Ducts are vented either through a ceiling, or a wall or the floor, depending on the preference.

Importance of Energy efficiency

Another important factor while planning for a ducted heating service in Melbourne is the energy efficiency. It, not only impacts on the emissions of carbon dioxide, it will also dictate the amount being spent on heating the house.

You want your ducted systems to run effectively, offer you quality air and not break down or lead a passive life. Thus, maintenance of your machine should be your prime concern to make sure it functions properly.

Let us look into some factors, maintaining which, would maximise the efficiency of a ducted heating system:


Filters tend to keep the microbes and dust away and therefore tend to get accumulated with dirt. It is one of the most crucial parts of a ducted heating system. Change the filters every two to three months to prevent clogging. Dirtier your filters are, the costlier shall be the ducted heating repair in Melbourne.

Unit Fans

One of the major reasons why unit fans break down is due to dirt and accumulation or loose blades. Get rid of the noisy, dirty blades today. Maintain your unit fans by thoroughly getting them cleaned and tightening them with the loose blades.


The compressor of your ducted heating system uses low pressure and low volume gas and converts it into high pressure and high-volume gas, which is perfect for the machine. Besides, it keeps the evaporator free from vapour accumulation. Thus, it is important to keep the compressor clean and maintained regularly.


The cool air that comes out of the machine first enters the evaporator coil, where the heat gets absorbed, which in turn results in cooling. If the evaporator of your machine has aged, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. Newer the evaporator better will be the air flow and circulation.

Air Ducts

Maintaining the air ducts of your ducted heating system is an important part of your machine maintenance attempt. The ducts of the system keep the cool air circulated in the entire area. But, they tend to pick up dust and grime very easily. Get the dust removed from time to time, to let the clean air flow.

Once you decide to have your ducted heating installation in Melbourne or undergo maintenance, you must make a wise choice for the service provider that will satisfactorily carry out installation and maintenance of your ducted heating system. Make sure that the company or individual you’re hiring is qualified to do the process. If the professional fails to clean any of the components of a polluted duct-system, re-contamination can happen really quickly and thus it defeats the purpose of maintenance.

At Smoel Air, we ensure to carry out the installation of new equipment, refurbishment of existing equipment, installation and planning for new buildings. With 35 years of experience in heating and air conditioning services, we ensure consistent and regular ducted heating maintenance in Melbourne. Our technicians are well-trained and we have unbeatable customer service.

Call us today at 03 9723 2705 and book an appointment!

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