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What Effect Does Humidity Have on Your HVAC System?

You might typically associate ‘humidity’ with summer or a tropical location or a sticky air rather than relating it to your heating or cooling system, right? But, believe it or not, humidity also has a great effect on the temperature of the air coming from your HVAC system throughout the year.

Effect of Humidity on Air Conditioning

There is a myth that an air conditioner that is more powerful and larger in size will effectively cool your home. The truth is, installing an air conditioner with a capacity much larger than required will not be able to remove moisture effectively. In fact, it can even increase the humidity level altogether. Hence, it is crucial to get an air conditioner according to your room or home requirement.

During summers, the air is able to hold an increasing amount of moisture due to the soaring temperature. With high moisture content, the air makes the environment warm making the indoor cooling less efficient. At such times, the air conditioners have to work with more efforts and it may even be unable to cope up with the extreme humidity in case of inadequate cooling capacity. Ultimately, your home won’t experience a comfortable cooling.

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that your air conditioning system gets the proper ducted heating service in Melbourne. And what shall this service include? Let’s find out.

Installing a Dehumidifier for Better Cooling

The best way to get the right cooling in your home is installing a dehumidifier on your HVAC system. A dehumidifier assists you with a moist-free air as it pulls the moisture before the air enters the ducts in your home. Pairing it with your HVAC system will also allow you to alter the temperature and the humidity level, all at once.

Benefits of Installing a Dehumidifier on Your HVAC System

  • No humid air
  • Feels cooler and refreshed
  • Reduced energy bill
  • No foggy windows
  • No musty odours

Another way to get uninterrupted cooling is opting for regular Ducted Heating Repair in Melbourne. This can make a great difference in the performance of your air conditioner. Carrying out regular repairs will enable you to know the issue in your HVAC system.

Effect of Humidity on Heating

If high humidity is the issue while cooling your home in summer, low humidity can even create havoc during the winter. As the temperature drops during winter, the humidity drops as well, making your home cooler than normal. In this scenario, your furnace will have to put in more efforts to create a warm environment, only to have no significant amount of difference. The impact of humidity can not only increase the energy usage but also lead to more costs.

Hence, to avoid this, it is necessary to correct the low humidity issue by resorting to the required ducted heating service in Melbourne. If not corrected, it can cause:

  • Health complaints like nasal and throat infection, dry or chapped lips and skin and greater vulnerability to colds and respiratory infection
  • Issues with static electricity that can harm the electronics
  • Shrinking of wooden floors and furniture

Installing a Humidifier for Better Heating

In order to make your home environment more comfortable, it is best to add moisture to the indoor air. This can be done with the help of humidifiers, the best way to deal with low humidity inside a home during winter. All you need is to install it on your HVAC system just like a dehumidifier. Doing so will add moisture to the air before it enters your home through the ducts.

Benefits of Installing a Humidifier on Your HVAC System

  • Healthier skin
  • Better, unhindered sleep
  • Fewer allergy symptoms
  • Low equipment maintenance
  • Enhanced protection for wooden furniture

To sum up, opting for these necessary additions and some needful ducted heating repairs in Melbourne will not only provide you with a warmer and a more comfortable home environment but also a noticeable energy bill reduction.

Manage the Humidity Levels of Your Home for Different Weather Conditions

Seasonal humidity can disturb your indoor home comfort if you do not take the necessary Ducted Heating Service in Melbourne. All you require is controlling the level of humidity in your home according to the respective seasons and altering your HVAC system in a way that can give you required cooling or heating in your home.

Add moisture to your air through humidifier during winters and take the moisture out of the air through dehumidifier during summers. You can further take added precautions if this doesn’t suffice your needs in terms of cooling or heating. It is best to seek a professional guidance before going through the ducted heating repairs in Melbourne.

Smoel Air is a trusted name in the ducted heating service installation and repairs in Melbourne. So, if you are facing any humidity issues, regardless of the weather, seek our professional assistance to ensure that your home is free from humidity problems. If you have any questions, call us at 03 9723 2705.

Stay Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer!

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