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If you’re looking for air conditioning on a budget, then a box air conditioner may just be what you are looking for. In terms of price and ease of installation, they can’t be beat, and for this reason, they have long been one of the most popular types of air conditioners in Melbourne homes and workplaces.

Box air conditioners are also called window air conditioners because they're designed to fit into a window opening, meaning there is minimal cutting and modification required for installation. Most units come with all the necessary hardware for installation, making it a breeze for Smoel Climate Control's experienced installers.

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How Do Box Air Conditioners Work?

Box air conditioners work by using a fan to circulate air through a cooling coil. The air is cooled as it passes through the coil, and then it’s circulated back into the room.

Features of a Box Air Conditioner

Most box air conditioners have similar features, but there can be some variations between brands. Some units have additional features such as a remote control or a timer. At Smoel AC, we can help you decide which features are most important to you, so before you know it, you can have your home or workspace cooled with minimum fuss.


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What Are the Benefits of Box Air Conditioners?

There are several reasons why a box air conditioner may be right for your home or business. These include:


Easy Installation

Box air conditioners are simple and easy for Smoel Climate Control’s expert technicians to install, and we can usually have them up and running in a relatively short time.


They Are Relatively Inexpensive

Box air conditioners are one of the most affordable types of air conditioners on the market. This makes them a great choice for industrial offices, garages, rental properties or older homes.


Choose the Size That is Right for You

Box air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 


They Are Effective at Cooling a room

Box air conditioners are very effective at cooling a room quickly, and they can typically cool a room faster than other types of air conditioners.

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Perfect For Melbourne’s Older Homes

If you live in an older home in Melbourne, you may not have space for central air conditioning. Don’t let that make you think that you can't enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning in your home. Box air conditioners are a great option for older homes, and they can be installed relatively easily and with minimal fuss by Smoel Climate Control’s experienced technicians.

Box air conditioners were the first available style of air conditioning to be made available to home owners, and they are very common in older houses around Melbourne. Replacing an old or broken unit is a simple, cost effective solution to your home’s air conditioning. Modern box air conditioning units are cheaper to run, quieter, and far more efficient than older models.

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