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Evaporative Cooling Service Melbourne

Keep Your System Running with Our Expert Evaporative Cooling Service in Melbourne

Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning provide evaporative cooling servicing and repairs in Melbourne. Evaporative cooling is also known swamp cooling and works best for places which witness hot temperature.

The evaporative cooling system works on the natural cooling system found in waterfalls. An evaporative cooling system draws hot and dry air from outdoors and passes them through wet pads. The dry air absorbs water and the temperature is dropped, thus evaporative cooling occurs.

Our cooling experts can provide evaporative cooling systems that significantly cool down a place, even at a high temperature.

Evaporative cooling is a wise choice for the people who want to keep their energy costs low. The reason for its increasing popularity in Melbourne is because it is best suited to warm and dry climates without intense humidity.

Why is Evaporating Cooling Service Recommended?

Melbourne is known for its fickle weather with summers getting extremely hot. That’s why an evaporative cooling service is recommended for a city like Melbourne.

The regular air-conditioners can get a huge strain during the intense heat spells. A systematic servicing creates an unobstructed airflow and enabling the system to operate flawlessly.

Moreover, it increases the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit and improves the air quality in the commercial or residential building.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling:

  • It provides you with overall energy savings of around 80%.
  • Internal air becomes comfortably cool but not uncomfortably cold.
  • It is a cost-effective option for cooling an entire house or office area.
  • It can be used to cleanse the air in your home. Like, for instance, cooking or smoking smells can be blown away.
  • The flow-through ventilation brings in plenty of fresh air.
  • The higher humidity can reduce irritation to allergens.

Our Efficient Evaporative Cooling Services

The evaporative air conditioner maintenance involves the following services:

  • Cleaning and checking for algae, sediment build-up, and fungus
  • Cleaning and checking the quality of the filter pads that will remove dust, dirt, spider webs, insects and other debris
  • Cleaning and adjusting the drain system so that there are no leaks visible around it
  • Cleaning and lubricating the water pump to make it free from the debris
    Cleaning and flushing the water distribution system across filter pads to ensure complete saturation
  • Checking, adjusting and lubricating the fan motor and components
  • Checking that the fan is operating correctly in all modes and ensuring that the speeds are correct
  • Checking and adjusting the motor current
  • Checking the water outlet system, including solenoid and float valves
  • Checking all electrical and water connections
  • Cleaning the internal water tank
  • Disinfecting water system
  • Overall system operation

Common Evaporative Cooling Issues:

If you face any issues with the evaporative air conditioning system, immediately opt for the repair services. The issues can be like:

  1. Burning smell from the vents
  2. Water running out of the unit onto the roof
  3. Evaporative cooler fan runs but throws no cool air

Evaporative Cooling Tip!

In order to experience a better performance, it is most efficient to open the window in the rooms that are farthest from the vent. The open window will act as an exhaust for the cold air, making your room cooler in no time!

Why Choose Us?

Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning is a team of cooling experts that can be trusted for all your service and repair needs of evaporative cooling in Melbourne.

We undertake the servicing and repairs of all types of systems regardless of residential, industrial or commercial areas.

Our friendly and experienced team is highly qualified to deal with any type of minor or major evaporative cooling repairs in Melbourne. We have years of experience dealing with a range of evaporative cooling issues which enables us to get our job done right and accurately.

We provide top-class maintenance service for your evaporative cooling units, so you can be rest assured to avoid any chance of adversity.

We take pride in our team for delivering an efficient and friendly service at the competitive rates in the quickest time possible. Our policy of letting you know how much exactly the job will cost leaves you with no hidden surprises.

Our Services are Just a Call Away!

Don’t leave your system to rust. As soon as you encounter any issue with your evaporative air conditioning system, contact us directly at 03 9723 2705 to get a quick quote! We can further move ahead with the required repair and servicing.

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