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Ducted Heating Repair Melbourne

Regular servicing of your ducted heating service will ensure your unit is running hygienically, efficiently and most importantly, safely. All too often ducted heating repairs and servicing is one of the household jobs that can easily be forgotten. Year after year goes by without any maintenance or servicing to your unit, and during this time, dust and debris build up in the extensive subterranean ducts in your home. And we’re not just talking about the odd stray crayon that’s found its way into the vent. Mold and even Vermin may be lurking down there too!

Unfortunately, this ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to ducted heating repair means many households are exposed to allergy causing particles generated by their grimy heating systems and this can lead to serious health issues for you and your loved ones. In the most serious cases, neglected gas ducted heating systems can lead to Carbon Monoxide leaks which can be toxic and even fatal.

Smoel are here to provide a fast, effective ducted heating service. Performing maintenance on ducts both commercial and domestic, our team travel throughout Victoria’s suburbs to deliver responsive ducted heating repair Melbourne wide.

What’s In Your Ducted Heating Service?

Some common health issues caused by neglected ducted heating systems:

· Allergic reactions: coughing, wheezing and skin irritations caused by dust particles in the system filling the air in the home.

· Respiratory problems: asthma sufferers, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to polluted air produced by unclean ducted heating systems.

· Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning: this is the most serious of health risks posed by gas appliances that are not properly maintained, serviced or repaired. Because it is odourless, CO gas can leak unnoticed into a home with little warning. Some people are particularly susceptible to CO gas, including young children/infants, the elderly and those with pre-existing health issues such as anemia and heart disease. Ducted heating systems that are faulty and not professionally checked can leak CO gas and this can cause sudden acute illness or worse, death.

Much like servicing your car, regular maintenance, servicing and repair of your ducted heating system will ensure an efficient, hygienic and most importantly, safe system in your home. You wouldn’t trust your car with just anyone, right? So, don’t take the risk with your ducted heating system! Call Smoel today to obtain your FREE quote.


Affordable Ducted Heating Services in Melbourne

Does your home need ducted heating service in Melbourne? Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning are here to assist you with the unmatched services!

We are a team of specialists with years of experience in ducted heating repairs and service in Melbourne. Our exceptional workmanship will provide you with a complete heating and cooling solution so that you can stay comfortable all year round.

Ducted heating is a popular choice in Melbourne in order to maintain a comfortable room temperature at home or in the office. The internal units of the ducted system are installed on the roof. The ducts that run from units in every room of your house allow you to heat each room that too with individual controls.

Why is Ducted Heating Installation in Melbourne an Ideal Choice?

Ducted heating or cooling system is considered to be ideal for the climate of Melbourne. It can warm your home or office to a cozy temperature during winter. This system is well suited for the buildings where some rooms may not be used at all times of the day.

A ducted heating system consists of four major components:

• A central heating system unit connected to a series of outlets
• Insulated ducts that carry air from and to the heater
• Vents that spread air into individual rooms and return air to the heater
• A thermostat

Installed in the main living area, a thermostat sends a signal to the heater after figuring out the air temperature of your home so that the desired temperature is maintained. Further, the combustion products are released safely outside your home through a duct.

How Ducted Heater Installation Benefits You?

The in-house temperature can be managed easily for your ultimate comfort by installing a ducted heater. Though, comfort is the ultimate purpose of the ducted air, but, in addition, it is even ideal for the people with allergies as the units also help in filtering the air to keep out the dirt and dust.

The ducted heating system can be set with timers so that you can set the temperature and forget. For instance, you can bring your home to an ideal temperature before you get home from the work or when you first get up in the morning.

Do You Need Ducted Heating Repairs?

There may be instances where the ducted heating systems may stop operating at optimal performance. Without giving any signs, they can even experience a complete breakdown. So, at such times, it is best to opt for our exceptional ducted heating repairs in Melbourne.

For years, Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning have been recognized as one of the most reliable providers for ducted heating repairs in Melbourne. You are bound to be benefitting from our dedicated team’s experience and expertise, be it installations or repair services!

In order to keep your house and office warm as well as comfortable, it is necessary that your heating systems work in the best condition. The presence of our skilled team enables you to achieve efficiency at its peak. We take pride in delivering you with excellent workmanship, affordable pricing, and outstanding customer service.

We make sure that our team reaches you at its earliest, detects the problem your unit is experiencing and offers necessary repairs in no time.

How to Avoid Frequent Ducted Heating Repairs?

In order to avoid these emergencies, it is wise to opt for preventive checkups. This is necessary to experience the optimal performance of your ducted heaters in addition to avoiding costly repairs and long bills. Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments of your ducted heaters by using their skills and experience, ultimately ensuring you with a high level of performance.

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