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Ezone Air Conditioning Melbourne

Installing an Australian-made Ezone air conditioning system has the benefit of their knowledge of regional circumstances. Advantage Air, a family-owned Australian company with more than 20 years of experience assisting Australians in maintaining their homes fresh and comfortable through all of the harsh conditions that make up our Australian climate, is the company that created Ezone.

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Ezone Air Conditioning

Award-Winning Local Air Conditioning

The Ezone system is the latest in a line of reliable, practical, and effective electronic air conditioning control systems. The engineers at Ezone are proud to create top-notch Australian products that have received numerous design awards, are a number of industry firsts, and are protected by patents and registered designs.

10 Zoned Air Conditioning with Ezone

Using the user-friendly mobile app from ezone, you can have total control over the airflow, air distribution, and temperature in up to 10 different zones throughout your house from anywhere in the world. Standard ducted air conditioners only cover 4 or 5 zones, with a number of rooms clustered together in each zone. As a result, you wind up heating/cooling rooms that are not in use, which can significantly increase your energy costs. The energy-saving ezone system, on the other hand, is completely adjustable across 10 separate zones, enabling you to set up various heating/cooling schedules to suit various sections of your home.

Stay Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer!

Energy-saving Air Conditioning

Each zone's air conditioning system can be independently turned on and off, and its airflow, temperature, and air dispersion can all be adjusted. Using the mobile app to activate the air conditioner when it's time for your solar can result in even bigger energy savings. Make sure you're only paying for the air conditioning you require, when you require it, by preprogramming your temperature and air distribution settings. By switching automatically from cooling to fan at night, Ezsleep$aver helps you save money and lessen noise disturbance for your neighbours. Each zone's ideal temperature is reached by Eztemp, which keeps it there all day. The unit cycles down when the temperature is reached in order to save electricity.

Consistent Air Conditioning

Depending on how they face the sun and whether they are upstairs or downstairs, different rooms in your home can have very different temperatures. Hot and cold patches are caused by the fact that conventional air conditioning systems only have one thermostat and no means of adjusting the airflow to each area.

You can manually or automatically send additional air to the hotter rooms while using ezone. With ezauto, complete temperature automation is just a button press away. The airflow is continuously adjusted by Ezone's individual temperature control (ITC) sensors to keep each zone at the temperature you want.

Expert Ezone Aircon Installation

Up to 20 "events" in various rooms can be scheduled to run at specific times throughout the day using the ezone air conditioning system, either locally or remotely. Additionally, ezone's software keeps track of factors like suburb temperatures and sunny/rainy weather forecasts, and when certain weather events take place in your neighbourhood, it automatically executes pre-programmed operations. Smoel Climate Control can install Ezone air conditioning systems in homes and businesses. Contact Smoel Climate Control Melbourne right now to find out more about how the ezone system may assist you in creating a comfortable climate throughout your house.

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