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Bonaire Air Conditioning Melbourne

Bonaire air conditioning is a top quality, affordable air conditioning system that is perfect for cooling your home or office. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs and budget.

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Bonaire Air Conditioning

Bonaire Split System AC

Smoel Climate Control Melbourne offers Bonaire air conditioning split systems, which means that it has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is usually located on the roof or in a garage, and the indoor unit is located inside the building. No matter the location, Smoel Climate Control can install a Bonaire split system that’s right for you.

Bonaire Ducted Aircon

Bonaire air conditioning is also available as a ducted system, which means that the air is circulated through a system of ducts. The ducts are located in the ceilings and walls, and the air is forced through them by a series of fans. Smoel Climate Control are ducted air conditioning specialists and can install, service, repair and maintain your Bonaire ducted aircon.

Stay Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer!

Bonaire Zoned Systems

There are Bonaire air conditioning systems with zoned capabilities, which means that it can be divided into different areas, each with its own temperature control. Bonaire air conditioning centralised systems are controlled by a central zoning unit.

Bonaire Inverter Split systems

Bonaire also makes use of inverter technology. This means that the air conditioning system can be used to reverse the flow of air. This is useful if you want to use the air conditioning to heat your home in the winter.

Quality Heating & Cooling from Bonaire & Smoel Climate Control

Bonaire air conditioners are a great way to stay cool this summer. Smoel Climate Control in Melbourne offers a variety of Bonaire air conditioners to suit your needs, and we also offer a variety of Bonaire air conditioner accessories to make your cooling experience more enjoyable. Get in touch with us for all your Bonaire needs.

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