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Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne

Efficient Ducted Heating Services in Melbourne

Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning is a specialist in all aspects of ducted heating, including ducted heater repair, service, maintenance and installation in Melbourne.

Ducted heating, otherwise known as central heating, is an efficient way of heating your entire home. It provides the facility of controlling the temperature of the specific rooms which is called zoning. So, it lets you divide your home into numerous sections where you can specify which areas are heated when and to what temperature.

The ducted heating service in Melbourne can be run by a gas driven heater or a reverse cycle air conditioning system. It can be installed anywhere, in a new as well as the existing homes.

A typical ducted heating system consists of:

  • A gas heater or reverse cycle air conditioning unit
  • A network of insulated ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity
  • Vents or grills to circulate the air into designated rooms
  • A programmable control panel for managing airflow and temperature settings

Selecting the Right Ducted Heating Solution for Your Home

The type of energy you have supplied to your home will decide the right ducted heating solution for you. Like for an instance, if you have a gas connection, you might like to consider ducted gas heating for its efficiency and environment-friendly nature.

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

A ducted gas heating is a ducted heating system that is installed either in your roof or under your floor, depending on the available space for the system. Going by its name, it uses gas to produce heat, which is further distributed in your home.

The ducts that connect the outlets to the heating unit are neatly pushed away. You have the liberty to control and set up your desired temperature for the whole home or even just a single room, depending on your requirement.

How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

A ducted gas heating system works by passing the cold air over a heat exchanger. The air gets warm through gas combustion, which is later distributed in your entire home via a series of ducts, with connecting vents in the floor or ceiling.

These connecting vents further direct the warm air into the rooms. It is best to place the heating outlets around the perimeter of the house so that an even heat distribution can be made throughout your home.

The heater unit will switch off once your home reaches your desired temperature. Eventually, the fan comes to a halt ensuring that all the remaining heat inside the unit is used.

You can take all the benefit of your ducted heating services only if you consider regular servicing of the same. Otherwise, ignoring the performance level and the signs that prompt you to opt for repair services will leave you with unexpected heating results for your home.

Signs that Prompt You to Opt for Ducted Heating Repairs

  • Blowing cold air when the temperature is set for warm
  • Blowing weaker air than usual
  • Walls or surfaces surrounding the air ducts and piping become hot or colourless
  • Dust accumulated in the system
  • Loud noises or noises which are different than normal
  • Strange smells, particularly gas-like smells such as carbon monoxide

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, opt for the ducted heating repairs in Melbourne. The ducted heating repair services will include:

  • An inspection of overall unit performance and airflow
  • Check for cracks and holes
  • Test gas pressure
  • Remove and clean burner components and fan
  • Test burner and pilot ignition
  • Test carbon monoxide levels
  • Clean filters

Ducted Heating Installation

Whether it is under a floor or concealed ceiling systems, we will be able to carry out your gas ducted heating installation with ease. We specialize in a complete installation service from fitting to making it work effectively for your entire home.

Having a dedicated team of experts lets us deliver accurate, efficient and affordable installation as well as repair solutions related to the gas ducted heating system in Melbourne. Our professionals have the skill to maintain your system’s overall power and efficiency through a generally clean and spot repair service.

So, whether it is a new installation, general maintenance or some specific ducted heating repairs in Melbourne, look no further than Smoel Heating and Air Conditioning.

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